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Colorado Saddlery has come out with a new Natural Ride.

New features are:

Patented Natural Ride fork
Made of strong molded black polyurthane
6 1/2" wide x 8" high wither arch
Patented bar system fits horse's back like a glove
No stress on back when riding

Waffled Neoprene Bottom provides for shock absorption, is non-slip, provides extra cushion, allows air to circulate, is anti bacterial, easy to clean and eliminate pad smell.
Butterfly design means that it fits a wide variety of backs and the pad won't scrunch when being ridden.
Heavy denim top stands up to wear.

Heavy black nylon web stirrup leathers, tie straps.
1 3/4" tie straps and off billet
Western style stirrup leathers are 2"
English style stirrup leathers are 1 1/4"
Stirrup leathers will adjust from approximately from a 19" inseam up to a 36" inseam.

Western Style - Black Ralide Stirrups with 2" tread x 6" inside width.
English style - Iron stirrups with bright finish with 1 1/4" Neck x 2" tread x 4 1/2" width

Top quality rayon girth with tie down ring

The NATURAL RIDE was developed and patented by  Pershing Van Scoyk co- founder and president of  Colorado Saddlery Co. Over the years it has helped many young riders to take the first step towards becoming adept in the many fields of horsemanship.

The NATURAL RIDE is the quick and easy way to ride! Weighing only eight lb., it can be used by anyone,  The NATURAL RIDE is complete and  ready to ride.

Close comfortable contact between horse and  rider plus the convenience of being able to saddle up in seconds makes the  NATURAL RIDE  the natural way to ride.

Designed around the patented  NATURAL RIDE FORK the  NATURAL RIDE  was made for  maximum comfort and  easy adjustment . The NATURAL RIDE FORK from which the stirrups and girth are hung , has a special withers arch which fits a wide variety of  horses and allows the rider to mount and dismount anywhere.  The stirrups can be quickly adjusted for either long or short legs.

I have a very liberal return policy on these Natural Rides.
Full refund (less shipping cost) if returned within 30 days, in clean condition.
No restocking fees, no BS

The NATURAL RIDE is complete and ready to ride and doesn't need any other pads but one can be used if desired.  The NATURAL RIDE IS EASY TO USE, FUN TO RIDE AND AFFORDABLE! Click  here to read about the differences between the old and new style Natural Ride

Shipping, $12 via UPS any place in the lower 48
For USPS or other destinations email me for a quote


Pad Style

Fork Color




New Natural Ride w/ Black Denim Pad





New Natural Ride w/ Black Denim Pad





Natural Ride Sport with Navy Blue Pad





Matching Breast Collar for New Natural Ride





Click here for more pictures and how to measure for fit





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A great-looking black felt-lined breast collar. 1 1/4" wide, thick black felt lining with a 1" black nylon binding. Nickel-plated hardware. This breast collar was specially designed to fit the Natural Ride. A great accessory for those riders who use their horses in the hills.

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